Florence Tanoh of A MIC fake associate of ALHAJI AU BOSTRA of MAC DOWELS ETS.

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================== Start of Reported Document ======================

Dear sir,

I am writing to solicit your assistance in executing a
very profitable and risk free transaction which I
discovered while on duty. I have confidence that you
have the ability to execute this business to our
mutual benefit and believe that you will not let down
the trust and confidence I am willing to repose in

I work with an Ivorien based public and international
 firm 'A MIC' I work as the personal secretary to my boss.Between the 17th
-19th of Novermber, 2001, a business
seminar was held at Bouake Cote D'ivoire of which I
attended. While on this seminar, I was lucky to meet
ALHAJI BOSTRA is an accomplished and widely known
millionaire farmer in this part of the region. He is
an accomplished agriculturist with speciality in
cattle farms and various other agricultural product
for export. He has farms in different countries of
West Africa. But above all he is one of the greatest
supplier of cattle, beef and other dairy products in
this part of the coast. On getting to know my
profession, ALHAJI BOSTRA took me into confidence by
informing me about the huge amount of money he spends
on the purchase of a particular but very important
medicine for his cattle. He informed me that he buys
this product at $5,000.00 usd per carton, and that he
mostly buy to the excess of 200 cartons. He informed
me that he was only asking me to find out if my
organisation could source for him a cheaper supplier
considering the recent trend of falls in the general
price of beef in the world market which is affecting
his business.

Back to my office, I discussed this business proposal
with my boss and he decided to handle the supply by
himself. We carried out a market research and
discovered that we could purchase these substance of
cattle medicine some what cheaper in EUROPE for
$2,000.00 usd per carton. We moved a proposal to MC
DOWELS to make a supply to him at $4,800.00 usd per
carton of which he accepted. Owing to my role in the
whole arrangement, I had an agreement with my
director to be receiving a 15% of whatever gain is
made on each supply of which he agreed. But on the
21st of December, 2001, when the first supply of 120
cartons were made to the MAC DOWELS company, my
director decided to renegade on our agreement. He
refused giving me anything near the agreement we
arrived at but only what he termed an offer of
appreciation. When I protested, he threatened to
dismiss me from office . I decided to overlook this
betrayal but since then our relationship has seized to
be cordial. He never said anything to me again about
MAC DOWELS as I assumed that the business relationship
has stooped between them.

 But recently, I intercepted some mails from ALHAJI
BOSTRA to my director. I was shocked to know that he
has made three more supplies to MAC DOWELS which I
knew nothing about and he did not bother to inform me.
More so MAC DOWELS is requesting for supplies of 700
cartons of these substance following a suspected out
break of disease among his cattle in MALI. He has
requested that these supplies be made as soon as
These letters have not reached my director and never
Instead I called ALHAJI A.U BOSTRA and convinced him
that I
can arrange for an international manufacturer who can
supply him at the price of $4,400.00 usd per carton.
that he ALHAJI BOSTRA or his representative will have
pay cash before lifting the goods. At the moment
BOSTRA is waiting for me or my foreign contact as he
agreed to stop all further dealings with my director.

If you can handle this project, please contact me
immediately via my e-mail above for details on how to
about it and the negotiation on what is to be my

NOTE: ALHAJI AU BOSTRA must never know our
purchase source in EUROPE. If not he will not be
needing our services anymore.
Thank you and best regards,

Mrs.Florence Tanoh.

================== End of Reported Document ======================


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