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 ================== Start of Reported Document ======================

-- Mohammed Rasheed <drmrasheed@hotmail.com wrote:
 From: "Mohammed Rasheed" <drmrasheed@hotmail.com
 To: ##################
 Subject: Confidential matter
 Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 05:34:41 +0100

 My name is Dr. Mohammed Rasheed;
 I am the Director of Operations with EARTHLING

 Though we've not met before, but I have this believe
 and faith that we can
 come together with understanding and make out good
 No other time could have been better.

 A very good friend of mine Engr. Ishaya Mark Aku, he
 was the Minister for
 Sports, Youths and Social Development - Federal
 Republic of Nigeria before
 he met his untimely death in a ghastly air disaster
 (plane crash) which took place on Saturday 4th May
 2002 in Kano - Nigeria,
 the plane crashed into a residential neighborhood at
 about about 3 minutes
 after take off from the Kano International Airport,
 killing a total of 147
 people, May their souls rest in perfect peace.

 Precisely on the 16th of April, due to our old time
 relationship and for the
 trust he (my late friend) has on me, he confided in
 me the secret of some
 money (physical cash) that is in his possession -
 Thirty Million United
 States Dollars (US$30,000,000.00) which is contained
 in two (2) trunk boxes.
 He needed my assistance with the help of my Company
 in moving these trunk
 boxes out of the Country to avoid any suspiciousness
 or raising eyebrows dew
 to his position in the Government.

 We then agreed to deposit the 2 trunk boxes with our
 Company, which I
 successfully deed without the Company knowing the
 exact content of the
 boxes, as it was deposited as personal
 belongings/film components, thereby
 cannot be exposed and it was tagged Consignment. It
 was deposited with a
 fictitious name and instructed the Company to move
 the Consignment to it's
 branch in South Africa pending when he will arrange
 with a reliable
 foreigner who will go to
 South Africa with the Documents that will be
 provided for him and make
 claims of the Consignment for onward investment

 Knowing fully well how corrupt Nigerian Government
 is, I believe that my
 late friend must have made this money through one
 means or the other from
 the Government, just like every other typical
 Nigerian who has tasted any of
 those seats of power, they buy flamboyant houses and
 make super investments

 Off course no other person knows about this money
 except me and my late
 friend (Engr. Aku). But in the spirit of human
 conscience I deemed it wise
 to contact his wife (Mrs. Aku) despite her mournful
 condition, I was able to
 have her audience in privacy in some occasions, in
 which I told her every
 thing, we discussed very well and we both decided
 and agreed to keep the
 secret secret.

 She was very grateful for my good and wise thought
 in coming to let her know, she authorized me to move
 ahead with the initial
 plans and get a reliable/trusted foreigner who will
 assist in going to
 claim the Consignment with the relevant documents
 that I will provided to
 back up the claims and also to provide a safe
 account where the fund will be
 deposited into.

 We agreed that she and her family will take 45% of
 the total fund and I will
 take 30%, while you as the foreign partner will be
 entitled to take 20%, off
 course 5% was mapped out to reimburse any expenses
 might have been incurred from the time of deposit
 till the conclusion of
 this transaction.

 It is on this privilege that I summoned the courage
 and decided to contact
 you to reason with me and assist in finalizing and
 making this transaction a
 success, off which we both stand to gain from
 immensely. There is no risk involved; I will provide
 you with all the
 necessary required documents from this Company that
 will enable you make
 claims of the Consignment.

 We can only achieve success in this transaction with
 maximum understanding,
 trust, sincere and honest with each other and most

 You can always get back to me on this E-mail.

 I look forward to receiving your urgent response.
 My warmest regards,

 Dr. Mohammed Rasheed

 N.B: We are also making arrangements for the late
 Ministers younger brother
 to also travel to South Africa.

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================== End of Reported Document ======================




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