victor kabbah jr fake son of brigadier Victor Kabbah Republic of Sierra Leone
mentions world trade centre WTC Johannesburg

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 ================== Start of Reported Document ======================




I do recognise the surprise this urgent but
confidential letter brings to you, especially as it
came from a stranger,but consider this letter as a
request from a family in dare need of assistance.
Firstly,I must introduce my self to you. I am Victor
Kabbah from the Republic of Sierra Leon. I am the
first son of brigadier Victor Kabbah (Sr. I am
presently residing in South Africa.)
However your contact was made possible from a journal
at the world trade centre (WTC) in Johannesburg. After
reading through your profile,I bacame assured of your
capability in handling this transaction hence this
letter. I decided to solict for your assistance to
transfer the sum of US$17 Million (Seventeen Million
United States Dollar) inherited from my late father
into your personal or company's account. Before his
death, he was a brigadier in charge of arms and
ammunition procurement for Sierra Leoean armed forces.
Inhis WILL, he specifically drew my attention to US$17
Million (Seventeen Million United State Dollars) which
he deposited, in safe boxes in a private security
company in Johannesburg South Africa.

My beloved son, I wish to draw your attention to US$17
Million (Seventeen United Dollar). I deposited the box
containing the fund in a security company in
Johannesburg South Africa. During the war, I was
dedicated and committed to wining the war against the
rebel intill I found out that senior officers and
government functioners were busy helping themselves to
gonernment funds and propeties. Due to this,when I and
the former special adviser to the president where I
assigned by the president (Ahmed Tejan Kabbah) to
purchase arms in South Africa, after purchase of arms
and ammunition, we realised a surplus of US$32M from
over invoicing. However, I deposited the money in a
security company to avoid trace in case of a scadal.
In case of my absence on earth as a result of death
orany unforeseen circumstances,you should solicit for
assistance of a reliable and sincere partner to assist
you transfer this money out of South Africa for
investment purposes. I deposited the consigment and
told them that it is for my foreign parner to avoid
eyebrow and suspects but your name is stated as the
next of kin. Take good care of your brother. Don't
come back to Sierra Leone untill the war is over and
beware of enemies and family kindred that are related
to us in libido.
>From the box, you will understand that the life and
future of my brother and me depends on this money.As
such,I will be grateful if you can assist us. We are
living in South Africa as political asylum seekers,
and financial laws and regulations of the Republic of
South Africa does not permit us certain financial
rights. In view of this, I cannot invest this money in
South Africa. Hence I am asking for your assistance to
transfer this money out of South Africa for investment

(a) 20% of the total sum to you if you assist us in
transferring this money succesfully into any of your
overseas account. ( b) 5% of the total sum will be
aside to offset all bills and expenses incurred in the
process of this transaction (c) 75% of the total sum
will be for me and my brother for investment in any
country of your choice.
Please note that this transaction is risk free on your
side as we have concluded all modalities to aid this
transfer. Should this meet your utmost consideration,
please give us your earlist reply through my private
phone number 27-73-209-7671. And be kind to provide us
with your private telephone number and your e-mail
address if any, for easy communication and
confidential link. The confidentiality in this
transaction cannot be over emphasized as we trust and
believe that you will oblige us the needed security
and attention it demands. Please treat this
transaction with absolute confidentiality.

Yours Faithfully,
Victor Kabbah.

================== End of Reported Document ======================


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