Mrs. Jennet Nel fake wife of Dr Mathew Nel

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================== Start of Reported Document ======================

Sorry if I may have embarrassed you with this mail. In
God's name I write to solicit for your rescue/
assistance to my children and me. You was introduced
to me by a very good friend of mine that knows you,
she told me how good you are hence my contacting you
in this venture, though I did not disclose to my
friend about this arrangement.

I am Mrs. Jennet Nel wife of Dr Mathew Nel, I have six
children and they are all in various institutions of
learning. I am writing you now based on my present
situation with other wives of my husband. I am the
last and most cherished wife among all.

My husband was a top government official and also a
big time businessman. Before his sudden death on that
fateful day of 23rd February 2000, he told me in
confidence that he was not sure of surviving that
sudden ailment hence he informed me of an arrangement
he made with a security company to move US$12Millon
dollars to his foreign bank account. He disclosed to
me that he was not having much in his bank account
both home and abroad.

He told me that the security trust company where he
deposited this fund does not know that the consignment
contains money as he declared to them that the
consignment contains assorted jewelries for export, he
said he couldn't transact this arraignment through
telegraphic transfer, draft or cheaque due to security

He gave to me the certificate of deposit and urged me
to go to the security firm for the claim of the
consignment in case he dies. He also gave me the keys
to the boxes for opening of them when I have received
it to train the children. He also said that he almost
succeeded in sendingout this fund before his abrupt
sickness. He said that is his gift to me and my
children alone.

Now after one year of his death, his other wives and
children has been dragging and sharing his entire
properties leaving me and my children with nothing. It
was quite unfortunate that my late husband did not
draw a will before his sudden death, I have now gone
to the security trust company concerned for
verification and they accepted being in custody of the
consignment. The consignment being on demurrage after
the expiration of the initial deposit made by my
husband as they claimed cannot be released or
couriered to his choice country except the demurrage
is paid.
Understanding my financial problem and being a widow I
do not have this kind of money to pay to them before
they can release the consignment to me hence I am now
begging for your favour and assistance to come to my
rescue in actualizing this venture. Actually, I did
not understand that it could attract such demurrage by
now because I couldn't transact this business during
my mourning period.

In this wise, we shall claim that this consignment was
supposed to be sent to you by my late husband before
his sudden illness and death. I do not wish to be in
this country with my children any longer for the fear
of the unknown. We do not wish to invest this money in
our country but in your own country to any good
business you will introduce me into. You will also
help in buying us a house where we shall reside. I
will be willing to negotiate with you on any
percentage for your assistance. Please help save OUR
SOUL FOR GOD will bless you. Expecting your prompt

Thanks and God bless.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Jennet Nel.


================== End of Reported Document ======================


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