Rev Stephen Iheoma caretaker of motherless baby home at Aba, Nigeria. Nigerian scams.

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================== Start of Reported Document ======================

Rev Stephen Iheoma fake caretaker of fake motherless baby home at Aba, Nigeria.


How is everything in conjunction with life which very essensial for human's living. I hope you are enjoying your environmental life of living wherever you are now.And also hope your business is moving well . I can see it spiritually that living XXX is with you helping you in anything your hands lay on for your belief. He(XXX) never disappoints those that believe in him and promise them they shall lack nothing. It gives me courage and happiness of having this conversation via this medium of communication .

Permet me to introduce myself to you as Rev Stephen Iheoma,caretaker of motherless baby home at Aba,Nigeria.We (the society) use the contributions of things from people who have sympathy for babies that are fatherless and motherless in our organisation today to train them to modern living by giving moral education,clothing them,feeding the babies who are poor physically in our living generation today.We generate their basical behaviour of academy to special standard for they are leaders of tomorrow.No one know what tomorrow will produce for us.

However,i will like for this reason to seed your own contribution in order to make them feel not cheated in our society.Whatever you have as your contribution it can reach to us wherever you are .We need money to buy generator for insuffient power supply to make them feel calm.Living XXX is going to for this act rewards you abundantly coupled with enough blessings from above the earth.

 Please Sir,i will totally like you to take them as your children.When a child comes closer to his/her parents if he is in need for thing ,what will happen .They embrace him focus on their attention to know his problem.His/her parents will give it to him exactly to make him feel alright. They are like your kids.They are starving in hunger with little support from people.We cann't allow them to just die because they are under our care.We have to make them to survive.For this purpose ,it is only Almighty XXX will reward those who take care for the infants .XXX answers infants more than adults in prayers.they are completely praying for those who bring contributions for their survival.

I will like you seed like a farmer inside his farm putting crops inside the fertile land and wait for the harvest time to reach in order to gain from his farm (it is proverb).XXX is going to reward you.Remember those that are poor.

 Please, do your best wishes and my regards to your wife and children .Remained bless.Please reply us with the above e-mail address.

 Best Regards

 Rev Stephen Iheoma


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Rev Stephen Iheoma fake caretaker of fake motherless baby home at Aba, Nigeria.

================== End of Reported Document ======================




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