ibrahim musa fake chief security officer of the CENTRAL BANK OF IVORY COAST (Côte d’Ivoire) C.B.I.C 

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================== Start of Reported Document ======================

From: "ibrahim musa" <ibrahim_mtg@37.com>
To: #################
Subject: let us do bussiness together
X-IMSTrailer: __IMail_5__

Dear SIR

I regret the embarrassment you may receive from
this letter as I have no previous acquaintance with
you, but your contact was given to me by inquiry I
made through Ministry of External Affairs.

My name is Mr. IBRAHIM MUSA the chief security officer
of the CENTRAL BANK OF IVORY COAST (Côte d’Ivoire)
C.B.I.C during the regime of former President of Ivory
coast HENRI KONAN BEDIE ( Côte d’Ivoire) who was out
from the office on 24th/12/1999 by military coup
which saw the President and his family on the run to
save their life and also few former Government
Officials who were lucky to escape with the President

However, I am very much interested in investing in
your country, since I am on exile here in Lomé –Togo,
due to the coup d’eta on the 24/12/1999 by military in
Ivory Coast which affected me as a person.

I was able to escape with two trunk boxes containing
US $ 15 Millions Dollars each which I have deposited
to the Security Company here in Lomé-Togo for safe
keeping until we are ready for the collection which I
declare as photographic material to avoid the Security
Company from raising eyebrows and bad intention over
the boxes.

My aim of contacting you is because I am now in a
difficult situation. The new Government of Ivory Coast
are still investigating and looking for the top
Officials who worked under the President HENRI KONAN

I sincerely wish that you make urgent arrangement to
visit me here for face to face meeting so that I will
take you to the Security Company where we will make
the claim and then you will open a local account here
in Lomé-Togo with your company name or private account
where the money will be lodge for onward remittance to
your country respectively.

Your share for this assistance will be 20% of the
total net value of the found.

Please acknowledge receipt urgently.

Best regards


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================== End of Reported Document ======================



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