Fraudulent invoices sent by bogus or unethical charitable and community organizations 
and fake police or fake emergency services affiliated magazines. 

If you receive a similar scam letter
Do Not Answer It. Do not attempt to communicate with the criminals.

WARNING: Sending abusive letters to the criminals makes you a target for retribution.
Criminals are likely to use your name to start new scams -- just delete the E-mail!
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Several members have reported a new scam involving fake or dubious publications claiming to be the official journal or publication for a "worthy cause".

Typically the victim receives an invoice for an advertisement which they never ordered.  The victim will also receive a "Proof Copy" of the magazine. 

In some cases, especially in organizations which do not have a formalized ordering system, the victim will simply pay the invoice.

If victims complain that they never ordered the publication, the scammers will state that the order was placed by phone.

This scam has been operating for some time and it is now on the increase.  

The scammers seem to target small business who are unlikely to have a formalised ordering system.  

Criminals obtain listings of possible victims by noting down names from legitimate publications.

If you receive a similar scam letter call the Department of Fair Trading.  
If the caller claims to be affiliated with Police or Emergency Services 
contact your local Police 

================== End of Reported Document ======================



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