dr solomon godfrey fake

Foreign Liaison Officer
of the board of trustee of RWA Agency Relief West Africa. 

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 ================== Start of Reported Document ======================

From: Solomon Godfrey[SMTP:solomongeey@yahoo.com]
Sent: lundi 13 aout 2001 07:08
To: ###############


                          Dear ###########


Good day to you and how is life with you and business?
First, I must Solicit your strictest confidence in
this transaction,this is by virtue of it's nature as
being utterly confidential and top secret as you  were
introduced to me in confidence through the Nigerian
Chambers of Commerce, foreign trade division .

I am Dr. Solomon Godfrey, the Foreign Liaison Officer
of the board of trustee of RWA Agency (Relief West
Africa). We were empowered to administer a trust fund
of well over five hundred million United States
dollars (US$500,000,000M) for the provision of relief
materials to troubled areas in the West African
Sub-region and her environs.

My group recently agreed, unanimously to transfer
twenty-three million,six hundred and ninety thousand
United States dollars only (US$23,690M) into a foreign
based account for our personal use and benefits and
I have therefore been mandated as a matter of trust by
my colleagues on board to look for an overseas Partner
to whom we could transfer the sum of US$23,690M
legally subcontracting the entitlement to your

This is based on the fact that our civil
service code of conduct forbids us from owning foreign
company or running private foreign account while in
government service.

The simple mode of the transaction will be just for us
to apply for there lease of the funds to you or to
your company for welfare materials purportedly
supplied. We  shall arrange all paper work and get
approval for the release of the funds with documentary
evidence of the communities and people in Liberia,
Sierra-Leone, Ruwanda, Guinea-Bissau, Zaire and
Nigeria, who have all benefited from the materials
purportedly supplied by You, early last year. We have
all records of purchases and supplies.

My group is very much ready to effecting the
remittance of the fund into a well secured or
corporate foreign account (individual or corporate)
operated by a trust worthy person, as all logistics
are already in place and all modalities worked out for
the smooth conclusion of the transaction within seven
to ten working days upon commencement on receipt of
your (Company name, Address, Company's details,
activities & your direct confidential telephone and
fax line for correspondence).

This information will enable us make the necessary
applications and lodge claims to the concerned
authorities in favour of your Company and it is
pertinent to state here that this transaction is
entirely based on trust as the solar bank draft or
certified cheque drawable will be made in your name
and we wish to commence an importation business of
agro-allied machineries in conjunction with you.

Your assistance or partnership will certainly be
rewarded with a 20% share ratio of the total sum of (
US$23,690 ). We shall have 70%, While10% will be used
to reimburse both parties for any expenses incurred in
the course of consummating this deal. It is important
to state here, that no risk of any sort is involved,
now or in future since both parties will be protected
by a legally signed agreement.

Please, note that an invoice shall be raised to meet
the cost of materials purportedly supplied by You to
the tune of (US$23,690m) and forwarded to the office
the Chief Accountant of RWA Agency after the final
approval has been given by me for payment.

The materials are cloths of various kinds (children &
Adults), rice, soya beans, milk, sugar, ort salt,
drugs,blankets, footwears, boots, syringe and needles,
epz vaccines, tarpulinetents, e.t.c.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter via e-

Thank you very much and take it that, Confidentiality
is our greatest motto.

Yours truly,


N.B. Bank Account Details not necessary as preferred
mode of payment is by draft or cheque.--

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================== End of Reported Document ======================




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