Shadiatu Balogun and  John Odidi Co Chambers, fake donation scam fraud from Africa

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================== Start of Reported Document ======================

 shadiatu balogun wrote:

Dear friend,
"The #### is good all the time".I am so happy in
the #### today that you reply to my mail of
contributions at the right time.

All i really want from you right now is for you to
keep praying for me. And secondly, this money i am
donating to your ministry, i don't want you to use it
for your personal use, it is for the purpose of the
church and for the poor mercies who needs a help from
###. If i may ask you this question,
Are you a ### fearing person?Won't you escape into
thin air with this money and use it for self interest
and finally i hope you can pray to ### for me so that
i can witness at least part of this development in
order to die a happy woman.

Concerning the donation, i will want you to contact my
lawyer, He shall prepare the documents backing up this
money and through my directives he will make all
necessary and legal documents in your name concerning
the funds.
Please my dear friend if you believe you can do this
with the fear of ### in you,kindly contact my lawyer
and get back to me so that i might know the way
forward.Time is of great essence and do not hesitate
to pray harder.

Below is the contact information of my lawyer :

Name : John Odidi
Company : John Odidi & Co Chambers
Address : 102 oluyole road Ibadan, Nigeria.
Telephone: 234-1-4728804, Mobile 234-80234-419-46
Email :

I would want you to call him and speak with him on
phone. He will assist and direct you on how to get the
fund. He shall send you all the documents backing up
the donation.
May the ######## ### bless us(Amen

N;b,As soon as i send this mail to you, i will call my
lawyer on phone and make your name known as the
beneficiary before i go for my medication.

Shadiatu Balogun and  John Odidi Co Chambers, fake donation scam fraud from Africa

 ================== End of Reported Document ======================


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