Internet Auctions Fraud and Scams in Australia

Internet Auctions scams and frauds are increasing exponentially.  We have been informed of at least four cases in the last week. 

All the frauds reported to us were being carried out by criminals using Asian names or Asian aliases.  This in no way suggests that the criminals involved are indeed Asians--the use of foreign aliases to mislead people is common.

The criminals are targeting high priced items such as entertainment centres, data projectors and other high ticket price items.

If you are scammed expect no support whatsoever from the Internet Auction companies.  Yes you will get a reply to your E-mail, and yes they will tell you how sorry they really are--that is as far as it goes.  Beside electronic dribble you will receive several polite automatic replies.  If the Internet Auction provides an insurance DOUBLE CHECK the fine prints. 

We have reports that some of these "insurances" are not what they are supposed to be.  When scammed customers place a claim they are put through a maze of automated reply services and are finally told that their claim does not qualify.  If you cannot get a plainly written guarantee from the Internet Auction Company that you will be refunded in case of a non delivery of goods--do not buy the product.   Keep this in mind ESPECIALLY when sending large sums of money to unknown Internet Auction Traders.


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